Established in 1999, HYLO design and architecture becomes HUMÀ design and architecture in 2006. Consisting of a team of creators, designers, branding specialists, graphic designers and urban designers, HUMÀ is a diversified, dynamic firm with multiple talents that prescribe a human, innovative and upgraded approach.

HUMÀ pushes back the boundaries of creativity by granting a particular care to details. Its approach consists of searching for the soul of the project in the place’s history, its people, its materials, its passions and also releasing an intricate and unique vision that assures to enhance and showcase the project’s original nature.

HUMÀ advocates its president’s, Stéphanie Cardinal, vision to be immersed, before any interventions, in the dimension of the project’s space and in the socio-cultural and economic environment in order to be able to develop a position, an identity and uniqueness. The applications, the design and the shape will confirm the portrayed vision.

HUMÀ distinguishes itself by its capacity to efficiently fit in a multidisciplinary team in addition to the management and coordination of all professionals and that while respecting the due dates.