Client: PPP

Place: St-Eustache Québec

Surface area: 9 000 sq.ft

Mandate: The mandate being to update the existing space while conserving as manyconstructed elements as possible, that have occured in many construction phases. The facade was also revised in order for the building to feel more welcoming and represent the branded goods of the company.

Completion date: 2014

Concept and challenges: Having a port-folio of high-end plumbing showrooms, having signed Blan and Eaudace, HUMÀ signs this 3rd space. Although we followed the guideline of these projects for the custom-made furniture, the planning and the materials are different from it. Plan based on a central space, with open view to the entire showroom. The sophisticated concept expressed in a clear and fluid plan allows the clientele to be in direct relation with products on sale. The purpose is to dream!

Partners and collaborators: Alain Proulx, PPP

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