Client:  Jadco

Place: Laval, QC

Surface Area: 3675 sq.ft

Mandate: Interior design of the sales office and typical unit as well as lobby and corridors

Completion Date: May 3rd 2012

Concept and challenges: A glass cube brings the user to roam through a place where the dream and the reality live. The reception falls towards a series of partitions which give rhythm to the course to transport us towards the sales space. HUMÀ design treats the light as a set of effects and perceptions. The lightness of the space transposes in the design of the display furniture custom designed, like islands of information which punctuate the space. The technology contributes throughout the approach to present us the project in an interactive way. This space presenting a familiar place marks the end of the route of this contemporary intelligent place staging the light, the axis of design of the architecture to be built.

photos: © Pascale Robert

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