client : M. Mikelberg

budget :  $ 850 000

place : Lac Magog

surface area : 5302 sq.ft

mandate : Architecture and design of the residence

completion date : 2012

Concept and challenges  : Set up on the outskirts of Lake Magog, this second home is fitted with 75 linear feet of fenestration, made out of wood, from floor to ceiling facing the lake and offering a direct contact with the landscape and scenery throughout every single space in the house.

The building is a combination of two volumes slightly out of sequence. A wood pavilion houses the private spaces on two floors, whereas a long horizontal pavilion, made out of stone, houses the living area, such as the kitchen, dining room and two living rooms, and that, in one open space. The overlapping of those volumes creates a vast hall opened on two stories high and offers a visual opening from the street onto the lake, set up directly on the path connecting one to another.

Forming the long horizontal pavilion, the tall stone wall envelops the kitchen conceals the living area from the onlookers, creating more intimacy for the occupants. The stone is also used as a coating for the tall structural wall interior/exterior that welcomes the fireplaces from the living room and the exterior terrace.

Partners and collaborators : Oscar Hacche (landscape architect); Steven Stelzer (structure engineer); Daniel Turner(structure engineer)

photos:  © Adrien Williams

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