Client: elad Canada

Place: Pointe Saint-Charles, Québec

Surface area: 62 807 m² (residential area only)

Mandate: design and conversion of the typical units of the project. Design and realisation of the sales office, common spaces like lobby, corridors, gym, urban lounge and terrace

Completion date: 2013

Concept and Challenges: The project plans for an enlargement and a transformation of one of the most impressive heritage buildings in North America; Nordelec. The concept being to protect the industrial history while keeping a contemporary spirit by the use of materials and artifacts recycled in the building which will be exposed in the common spaces. The use of the copper as the main thread of these spaces, references the industrial past of ”Northern Electric” which specialized in the production of electric wiring. HUMÀ design reinterpreted motifs of this period using such amterials as ceramic to create 2 different spaces with distinct atmospheres

The project uses contrast of old and new. A respect for the existing industrial architecture, as seen in the preservation of 100 year old bricks, is balanced with a modern intervention as exemplified by the contemporary object kitchen with integrated appliances and reflective materials which constrats with the industrial surroundings and use of raw materials such as the wooden floor in black and white walnut of America.

Partners and collaborators: chba

photos : © Pascale Robert

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