Client : Sylvain Gingras

Place : Montreal

Surface area : 10 000 sq.ft

Mandate : design of a plumbing showroom

Completion date : 2014

Concept and challenges : Alo is a vast plumbing showroom which showcases a diverse range of products. The showroom covers approximately 10000 sq.ft, and is located on the border of the 440 West in Laval. The commercial space is articulated around a central wooden spine, dividing the space into three sub-areas: the entrance, the double-height volume, and, ends its course on the various products displays. Each space is underlined by a strong gesture. The entrance wall is aligned with the central spine intersected by an imposing wooden bulkhead that underlines and formalizes the reception, supporting the identity of the place. Custom made “Y” shaped fixtures designed by HUMA organize and overlook the sales managers’ desks, while taking advantage of the enjoyable double-height in this area. At the end of the path, a white monolithic volume envelops and enhances the accent wall in the background. A rigorous coordination with the client was done to understand each product and create the proper display furniture. The design of the furniture is sober and efficient to make room for the object and put it forward, and it is enhanced by the judicious addition of integrated lighting.

Team: Stephanie Cardinal, Caroline Joly, Sarah Paradis

photos: © Stephane Brugger

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