Client : Robert Cohen

Place : Montréal

Surface area : 1890 sq.ft

Mandate :  Conception, follow up and realisation of a big appartment.

Completion date  : Spring 2014

Concept and challenges : The Cohen residence is the result of pairing two housing units, turning them into a vast residence where comfort and light are the principal assets. The clients, owner of a spacious home, favored a new, more intimate space, allowing a reassessment of distances, more conducive to a couple whose children are already grown.

A large family generates lots of memories, which often take the form of various objects. The main challenge was to create many shallow storage areas able to shelter all this accumulated memory over time, without diminishing the dazzling brightness of the place. The kitchen emerges as the focal point of the space, with the particularity of being able to be divided into two distinct sections: cooking meats on one part and pastries on the other. The use of simple materials promotes a timeless classic style, where quality signs every detail.

Partners and collaborators : Manon d’Alençon

Team : Stéphanie Cardinal

Photos : © LM CHABOT


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