Client : Gilles Ste-Croix

Place : Îles de la Madeleine

Surface area : 3862 sq.ft

Mandate : Architecture and interior design

Completion date  : 2010

Concept and challenges : The project takes life through out many pavilions detached from one another in the landscape, echoing the Iles de la Madeleine’s architecture which is often distinguished by the building’s anarchic layout.

Each pavilion is defined by a distinct design and two main ones are at the center of the project. One night pavilion, situated on the west side with the living room on the first floor and the bedrooms upstairs and one day pavilion with a high ceiling kitchen situated on the east site, allowing the owners to fully benefit from the rising sun. A central yard offers to the occupants an isolated from the wind space that is also the visual link between the two principal volumes.

The buildings are lined, from east to west, which protects from the strong winds of the islands while linking the different pavilions through the horizontal line, parallel with the coast. On the west side, the guests’ house stands out with its stilt architecture while the spa house seems nestled in the landscape. Only its roof is visible from the horizon.

The interior is meant to be comfortable, minimalist and the use of monochrome colors, inspired by nature, is in perfect harmony with the environment. This design results in a minimalist project inspired by the vernacular architecture of the region, by the positioning of its pavilions, the slope roofs, the windows symmetry and the use of local materials.

Partners and collaborators  : Jean Beaudoin

Team : Stéphanie Cardinal, Christine Ménard, Marie-Claude Cantin

Photos: © Martin Fiset

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