Client: Cirque du Soleil, MGM Mirage, Apple Records

Budget:  7 million

Place: Las Vegas, USA

Surface area: 7000 sq.ft

Mandate: design of the Beatles revolution lounge with a Beatles theme

Completion date: 2008

Concept and challenges: The project is a real tribute to the message bequeathed by the music of Beatles. So, the words REVOLUTION and LOVE welcome the customers of the Abbey road, the bar situated in the entrance of the lounge bar, cut in a wall formed by letters ten feet high. The inside of the lounge bar, a shell of steel which crystallizes like LUCY’s diamond, ‘’architecturalise’’ the inside and showcase a glass mobile. HUMÀ’s dedication to the overall design and production of integrated furniture follows deep respect for the Beatle’s heritage.

Photos : © Angela Weiss

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