Client: Groupe Dayan

Place: Montreal, QC

Surface Area: 1500 sq.ft

Mandate: interior and exterior design of the restaurant

Completion date: December 2011

Concept and challenges: The contemporary facade made out of wood, metal and glass rises on Laurier Street. With its lounge ambiance, this new business is looking to distinguish itself from the competition. The staging of contrasting elements and the integration of a long bench seat creates a refined and lounge ambiance which the client is looking for. The combination of steel and frosted white resin creates a duality that adds dynamics to the space and lends to a relaxed atmosphere. The light of the restaurant stages the night’s rhythm: through steel panels an abstract artwork appears. This artwork by Carlito Dalceggio gets its inspiration from RYÙ which means dragon in Japanese and the same goes for the entire graphic interventions of the project created by Thomas Csano. At the back of the restaurant, the washroom area attracts the eye with its red mural inspired by Japanese manga. A sub-space strongly illustrates the guiding line of the general design: contrasts.

Partners et collaborators: Carlito Dalceggio + Thomas Csano

photos: © Robert Bock

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