Client: Rachel Julien

Place: Montreal, QC

Surface area: 1600 sq.ft

Mandate: design of the sales office pour the project U31

Completion date: january 2012

Concept and challenges: The U31 project has a strong desire to identity itself in the Rosemont-Petite Patrie neighbourghood’s landscape. Showcasing its presence, the sales office’s cube detaches itself in the background with an architecture where the façade is dressed with a textile second skin which sets the tone to a project having in its core the communion between the habitat and the exterior spaces.  In the rest of the itinerary, HUMÀ design & architecture designs a series of spaces that inform the buyer on the project, from a macro to micro scale. The artistic graphic design direction, by HUMÀ design in consortium with the graphic design team of Cardinal Hardy pervades the space.

Partners and collaborators: chba

photos: © Pascale Robert



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