Client :  OBNL Chabanel

Place :  Chabanel Montréal

Mandate : Creation of a concept of Montreal’s Fashion Show

Completion date : 2010

Concept and challenges  : For the event ‘’Zipper Show’’, HUMÀ design had for mission to position and promote the artistic vision of the Fashion Fair; HUMÀ’s goal was to design an international event including Montreal’s touch. To do so, Huma gave it a name, an identity but also guidelines: business opportunities for designers and an exceptional experience for visitors. To enliven this event, Huma has created a unique art direction, breaking-down the event into different articulated segments : An entertainment segment to experience the ‘behind the scenes of the fashion industry’, a public art programmation in collaboration with MU, a special event programmation, structuring the overall fashion fair, as well as a business segment, to bring Montreal to position itself with its international competitors.

Partners and collaborators  : Elizabeth-Ann Doyle (MU), Erick Rudsak, Georges Dayan (Groupe Dayan)

Team : Stéphanie Cardinal, Marie-Claude Cantin

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